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Energy Healing


in Person or Distance 

The Healer & You





LaHoChi *  1 Hr is $125.00


Reiki *  30 min are $60.00 and 1Hr is $125.00


Chi * 30 min are $60.00 and 1Hr is $125.00


Golden Ray Healing * $30 min are $60.00 and 1Hr is $125.00


Healing Guides Channeled for your healing

Including: Raphael, Saint Thomas, Others as needed


Package:     Four 1 Hr  Distant Sessions

:LaHoChi, Reiki, Chi, Golden Ray:


One Hour each week for Four weeks.  We will set times together, contact us with your request.

 You may mix and match energies one per session.


Health, Wealth, Healing, Life Changes, Love, to Energize, Take a Step or Just for Fun.  Whatever the reason you have for wanting a healing, go ahead and choose any of our channeled healings to fit your need.  They will heal and uplift you the moment you sign up until one week after the session ends.  So, ground and be merry.


Most people do well to have quiet time in meditation or simply lying down in silence or with music for the session period.  Please be in your space 15 to 30 min prior and following your session time.


It is not necessary to be in a quiet space but most people find that preferable.  Many have scheduled healing times while at work or other events.





Healing Blast On Demand

Reiki Burst Life Force