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Hi Friends,

There are many options for you to discover yourself or to have healing.  Most sessions offered here range from a 1/2 hr to two hours in length.  Any Paid or free healing clinics mentioned provide healing the time you are there and personalized attention for 10 to 15 min - that can provide a significant healing for most.  So, come join us for healing, spiritual growth, friends and fun.  Write us !

Psychic Readings - Healings


Psychic Readings involve a reader tuning in to you spiritually to see what energies are you, are around you and how they interact.  You can discover much about yourself, how events are unfolding in your life or almost anything you want to look at.  We don't tell the future but can see where you’re headed and most likely to wind up.  Readings can be healing as awareness brings light and healing to any situation.

Healings are similar except the healer focuses on moving, repairing, and opening then giving information as needed. 

Some times you need a healing and sometimes you need a reading.


Adding Fun

Life is an Adventure and a Creation.  How do you want to approach it ?  If you develop curiosity, adventure, and super sleuth inquisitiveness, you might just have one heck of a life.  Once you get curious and amused things long stuck can begin to move.  So, enjoy yourself ~ just a bit at least !



Spirit in a Body

We are all spirits occupying a body - or at least somewhat near a body that we are responsible for.  Most of our problems come when we are to out of our bodies at the wrong times or when things/ energies come between us and our bodies.  Most of us don't know ourselves enough to notice when we are blocked.  We assume that is just who and how we are.  Spiritual or energetic healings open communication between you and your body so you know who you are and can be who you came to be and have the life you came to live.  It is like debugging you computer (the body) so the operating system (your the spirit) can be in charge.  Come unlock yourself !